If you can`t find a lawyer in our online directory of low-fee attorneys, below is a list of nonprofits that provide free or low-cost legal assistance to clients with modest funds in the District of Columbia. This should not be construed as an endorsement of any of the services or organizations listed by DC Refers. In addition, DC Refers cannot promise or guarantee that these providers will be able to take care of your case or resolve your legal issue. The Legal Counsel For The Elderly (âLCE) hotline provides free legal advice and, if necessary, references to its panel of fee-based lawyers who provide fee-reduced services to clients whose income is between 200% and 400% of the Federal Poverty Directive. This service is primarily intended for customers who are 60 years of age or older and based in the District of Columbia. Low-income individuals can meet face-to-face with a lawyer for free legal advice on all civil law matters governed by DC or federal law. The D.C. Bar Pro Bono Center consulting and referral clinic takes place every second Saturday of the month from 10:00 to 12:00. No appointment is required to meet with a lawyer, but anyone who wants to meet with a lawyer must arrive before noon. The American Bar Association provides pro bono and legal services through the voluntary efforts of lawyers from across the country. Legal services programs are staffed with lawyers and paralegals who act on behalf of their clients in administrative and procedural proceedings, and provide legal advice and advice as required. This includes supporting victims of abuse, medical bills, advocacy, public services, the development of a will and the establishment of a conservatory. The clinic offers non-lawyers the opportunity to discuss civil law issues subject to DC law with pro bono attorneys, including: Tzedek DC is an independent public interest center at the UDC David A.

Clarke School of Law that helps DC residents with debt-related legal crises and other consumer protection issues. („Tzedek“ is a biblical word for righteousness). Tzedek DC can help you resolve debt issues, such as threat from a debt collector, lawsuit, wage garnishment, license suspension, or negative effects on the credit report due to unpaid debt or identity theft. Access to COVID-19-specific legal information and resources. Lawhelp.org/dc is a website that provides specific legal information on self-help and forms to fill out on a variety of topics, including employment, family law, housing, utilities, immigration, estate and estate planning, military and veterans, taxes, and consumer law. It also includes listings for many nonprofit legal service providers in the District of Columbia. The practice of economic security and health care works through advanced legal advice to ensure that seniors receive the income, benefits and services to which they are entitled. The dc Affordable Law Firm provides discounted legal services to clients in the District of Columbia whose income is between 200% and 400% of the federal poverty line who otherwise are not eligible for free legal aid. The fee is $100 for the first hour of initial consultation and $75 per hour for legal services.

Areas of activity include: family law, housing, immigration and estate planning. If a short-term service is not sufficient to resolve the issue, or if a type of service other than the counselling and referral clinic is offered, clinic volunteers may be able to refer to a legal or social service provider or provide information about a legal or social service provider that is appropriate to handle the case. However, the clinic does not guarantee that anyone will be represented by any of the referred organizations. The services of the clinic are provided free of charge. Please bring all documents regarding your legal issue to the clinic. Legal Aid offices are closed. If you have a legal problem, please call (202) 628 – 1161 or read our blog. Pro bono lawyers can help identify legal issues that require increased attention, help complete documents to file with the court, make an appeal to resolve a dispute, write a letter on your behalf, or provide general advice about your legal problem. DC Affordable Law Firm is the only legal advisory organization in DC that serves family law, estate planning, and the immigration needs of low-income residents in DC. DC Refers connects qualified lawyers with clients seeking legal services with reduced fees. The legal services of the Faculty of Law are made up of student lawyers under the supervision of the Faculty of Regional Law Faculties. The Law Society of DC`s PRO Bono program provides legal services through the training and recruitment of volunteer lawyers to support low-income families.

The program also helps small businesses and not-for-profit organizations seek legal aid. Please note that even if a problem affects the laws of the District of Columbia or the courts of DC, a lawyer may not be able to resolve it. For some problems, there are no legal solutions. Provides legal representation to low- and low-income clients through pro bono lawyers. In | spain For more than 45 years, seniors` legal counsel has championed the dignity and rights of seniors in Washington, D.C., by providing free legal and social work services to those in need. Our work focuses on the most important aspects of a senior`s life, including housing, economic security, self-determination, and health and safety. We impact the lives of nearly 10,000 people each year and advocate for city-wide reforms of laws, regulations and long-term care facilities. The Resource Centre provides free legal information for unrepresented landlords and unrepresented tenants who have housing disputes. The Family Law Assistance Network (FLAN) provides fast and limited free legal services to unrepresented DC family disputes from low-income households. FLA lawyers specializing in custody and divorce matters in the DC Superior Court. The network consists of lawyers from DC Affordable Law Firm, D.C.

Bar Pro Bono Center and the Legal Aid Society of DC. If you need the help of an interpreter at the clinic, please call the Legal Information Helpline, 202-626-3499.After selecting the appropriate language, press 5 and then select 3 to get information about the free legal clinic. You can then press 9 to leave a message with the requested information. A program in which local law schools provide legal advice for civil and criminal legal assistance to low-income families in the District of Columbia. The Victim Legal Network of DC (VLNDC) is a network of legal services organizations in DC that can meet the needs of victims of crime in DC. The network provides victims of crime with access to 10 different legal advisory organizations that can provide legal assistance on a variety of issues, including (but not limited to) family law, immigration, and the rights of victims of crime. When a victim turns to VLNDC, we strive to connect them with all member organizations that can help them meet their pending legal needs. If the network can`t help them, we provide the victim with other resources to explore.

The VLNDC is particularly useful for short-term trial dates. AARP – Legal Counsel for the Elderly provides legal services to vulnerable seniors. Christian Legal Aid of D.C. provides discounted legal services in the areas of labor law, business law, family law, and general civil litigation to those whose income exceeds 200% of the federal poverty line, but is no more than three times higher. Some services are provided at a reduced flat rate or on a pass fee basis or at hourly rates between $50 and $150 per hour. All legal services are provided by the organization`s lawyers. Neighborhood Legal Services is committed to providing legal assistance to low-income residents of the District of Columbia to prevent evictions, homelessness, and related legal issues. Telephone (202) 832-5100 Fax (202) 832-1984 The District of Columbia Legal Aid Society provides civil legal assistance to low-income individuals, families and communities in the District of Columbia. Legal Counsel for the Elderly advocates for the dignity and rights of older adults in Washington, D.C., by providing free legal services to those in need — and by empowering, advocating for, and protecting low-income seniors.