contemporary, contemporary, coeval, synchronous, simultaneous, coinincident means to exist simultaneously or occur simultaneously. The contemporary probably applies to people and what concerns them. Abraham Lincoln was at the same time that Charles Darwin Contemporary is applied more often to events than to humans. Contemporary accounts of the coeval abduction generally refer to periods, age groups, eras, eons. Two stars that are believed to be coevalsynchronous imply an exact correspondence in time, and especially at periodic intervals. Synchronous timepieces simultaneously involve a correspondence in a given moment. Both planes coincide at the same time, are applied to events, and can be used to avoid the implication of a causal relationship. the end of the Second World War coincided with a great vintage and does not have to describe two different actions at the same time. It simply means that things are happening at the same time.

When a presidential debate is broadcast simultaneously on three television channels, the „broadcast“ is the only action, but it takes place in three places at the same time. Use the adverb at the same time to describe the actions performed at the same time. You read this sentence and learn a new word at the same time! When one thing happens or exists in conjunction with another, they pass or exist together and perform several operations at once The video shows Gilmore walking away screaming several officers and a volley of almost simultaneous shots. In fact, the plane and the film were designed more or less at the same time (the film opened in 1968). It also gave him time to pursue a simultaneous bachelor`s degree online. When you start this simultaneous courtship, forget that it was Mr. Devenish`s turn this morning. informal work at the same time, at the same speed or in the same way. Old Faithful had worked halfway through algebra and was busy solving simultaneous equations while sitting on the war loan. Nevertheless, the simultaneous release of these many partner brands is unprecedented for any major eSports league. If they have asthma attacks at the same time, she has to choose who gets the panda.

This compression is greatly increased by the simultaneous opening of the eight SP circular talking ports. As of this month, the site can process 50,000 concurrent users, which equates to a total limit of 800,000 users per day. Tye`s lab has identified a neural pathway that controls behavior when simultaneous signals signal positive and negative results. Mr. Lake has developed an instrument adapted for this purpose and allowing a simultaneous view of the entire horizon. a situation in which two or more things happen at the same time and seem to be linked, even if they are not immediate, by a simultaneous movement, the insurgents have paved the way for the victim`s son. If anyone has wrapped several things into one, it`s all these things at once This week, uh, investors have been blamed by two simultaneous bold moves. Nglish: translation of simultaneous for Spanish speakers formal something that happens during or because something else happens, when two things happen in sympathy, they occur at the same time or in a similar way at the same time or in the same way, but appear separately or provided with something else, as a complement or explanation that occurs formally during the same period or exists an annoying situation, in which two events where different systems, processes or ideas coexist, they exist simultaneously when two systems, plans or organizations are in the belt, they work or are used together to achieve a goal The portal will have a simultaneous translation system in three languages, including English. When people implement something, many people are involved In response, we have opened simultaneous exams in several other VHA facilities.