Legal services under Title III-B of the Older Americans Act (OAA) are provided through grants to states authorized by the OAA. Community Living, Aging and Protective Services (CAP) distributes and monitors funding for services. Legal aid protects older persons against attacks on their independence, freedom of choice and financial security. Aging Services signs contracts with 11 Regional Agencies on Aging (AAA) in Oklahoma to provide free legal advice to residents 60 years of age and older. Regional Agencies on Aging In Oklahoma, legal services to AAAs are provided by Oklahoma Legal Aid Services, Inc. These legal services are specifically aimed at „older persons with economic or social needs“. Legal aid for Oklahoma seniors includes expanded policies, powers of attorney, wills, debts, obstruction of Social Security, evictions, consumer financial issues, estate planning, and grandparent issues, to name a few. Oklahoma Legal Aid Services – 60+ Seniors Legal Aid Services of Oklahoma – OK-SPLASH Senior Helpline FAU runs a hotline for parents who are under investigation by DHS for allegations of abuse or neglect. Our lawyers, paralegals, and social workers help parents navigate DHS investigations, resolve disputes with DHS, and provide legal advice before a parent is brought to court and appointed as a lawyer. Below you will find the hotline number and opening hours. — Join Focus Groups — Access the IICLE(R) Online Library — Edit Legal Articles The Michigan Justice for All Task Force wants to learn more about how people use the civil justice system, which includes courts, lawyers, legal aid programs and more.

Read more » On this page you will find general updates on legal topics for our department. „You helped me a lot! Thank you very much, I really appreciate it! To access legal services related to kinship matters, contact Kinship CareLine. Kinship CareLine may provide the necessary referral to the Georgia Legal Services Program or the Atlanta Legal Aid Society for advice or representation. The Family Advocacy Unit uses a holistic family advocacy model to help parents involved in the child care system retain custody of or reunite their children. Our team of lawyers, paralegals and social workers provide representation and support to help families in and out of court. FAU represents parents in addiction court, helps parents investigate allegations of neglect or abuse that occur outside of court proceedings, and advocates for policy changes to improve outcomes for families. The Legal Services Developer of Community Living, Aging and Protective Services (CAP) provides national leadership to improve the quality and quantity of legal services for people 60 and older in Oklahoma. The legal services developer provides advice, technical support, information and references, as well as legal education to seniors in Oklahoma and those who support and defend them. – Track your progress on legal issues – Sign up for legal updates – Save legal recommendation information on your profile If you need help with an urgent legal issue related to COVID-19, the Michigan State Bar is new. Read More » Georgia has two organizations that provide legal advice and support to grandparents and other caregivers: the Atlanta Legal Aid Society and the Georgia Legal Services Program. The Atlanta Legal Aid Society serves the five central districts of the Atlanta metropolitan area (Fulton, DeKalb, Clayton, Cobb, and Gwinnett). The Georgia Legal Services Program serves all other counties.

If you live in Pennsylvania and need help with a legal case, but can`t afford to pay for a lawyer, the following groups may be able to help: Michigan Legal Help is for people who solve their legal problems without a lawyer. They can help you learn more about your legal issues and prepare for court. There are many DIY tools that you can use to create court forms. This website does not provide legal advice and does not replace a lawyer. If you need more help, check the website to find a lawyer, community services, or a nearby self-help centre. The website does not cover all areas of law, but we are constantly adding new topics. Please let us know what you think and let us know if we have helped and how we can improve this site. To learn more, try our new legal aid guide or watch our user manual video. ILAO members who are lawyers, law students or navigators can: „I was able to learn what my rights were and how to apply for help with limited or no income.“ Grandparents raising their grandchildren often face legal issues related to custody, adoption, public services, education, and other issues.